The Sh-Booms Bamboo Room

With The Sh-Booms

I hadn’t played trombone in almost 12 years. I played almost every day for seven years, throughout middle school and high school, but after graduation I thought I’d never play again. So I let my old slide trombone collect dust in a Chicago basement ever since. That was until January, when after mentioning how I used to play, my buddy Al invited me to pick it back up and join Read More...

Clearwater Lake

We spent the weekend avoiding the rain and sleeping outside at Clearwater Lake, located on the south end of the Ocala National Forest. With no cell phone service, it was great to just put the phone away for the weekend. Go outside, play some Kan Jam, walk around a lake, and hang out with your buds. It’s cathartic. This is the same campground we stayed at back in 2011.


Queens of the Stone Age – 2.7.14

ueens of the Stone Age came to Hard Rock Live here in Orlando last night and put on a hell of a show. I haven’t seen them since their Era Vulgaris tour, and after last year’s …Like Clockwork, I was stoked to hear the new songs live. Below you’ll find some shitty cell phone shots of the band, some of the merch I picked up, and the setlist from the Read More...


The Sh-Booms Recording Session

The Sh-Booms were laying down some tracks for their new album and I was invited along to take some pics. Also, my hand claps may have made it on the album. I’ll keep you posted.


A Sushi Chef and Pie Maker Walk In To Some Bars

Recently, Al Ruiz of Sushi & Seoul On The Roll (and The Sh-Booms) invited me to get together with him as he showed around Andy Bates of Food Network’s Street Feasts. Two great cooks, a boatload of beer, and as much sushi as I could eat. We started off at The Courtesy for some old fashioneds, Sailor Mules, and whiskey. Then we moved across the street to The Woods for some stout beers and Read More...

Most Listened to New Albums of 2013

It’s the third year of doing my Most Listened to New Albums lists. There are a metric ton of “Best Album of the Year” lists, but this one is more objective. I listen to what I like, my keeps track of the tunes, and at the end of the year I have a no-bullshit, simple chart. These aren’t necessarily my favorite albums, and according to you they probably aren’t Read More...