2018 Jeep JL

2018 Jeep JL

At the beginning of 2018 I had decided that I was going to start saving up for a new car. My VW Golf was all paid off but the gremlins started showing up - the roof liner dropped, paint started chipping, that lift-gate never worked like it should, etc… So it was time to start planning what was next. I had already known I wanted to get back in a Wrangler, but when Jeep announced the new JLs, I became determined.

My goal was to squirrel away an amount I thought I’d be spending on a new monthly payment and put it towards a down payment. That way I could go in with the confidence of what I’d be able to afford month-to-month and a big chunk of money down to make it happen.

I’d use a breakup and the holidays as a catalyst to pull the trigger on a brand-new Jeep JL. I had never driven a new car off the lot and I never will again, but I wanted to live out that American Dream™ just once before automation takes over and we’re all in self-driving electrics.

Meet Malcolm - a 2018 2-Door Jeep JL Sport S with 15 miles on the clock.