European Road Trip

We just got back from a family European road trip. Flying in to The Netherlands, we loaded up a dependable Ford Galaxy and visited four countries in total. Van Gogh

Our first stop was in Amsterdam. I spent a few hours in the Rijksmuseum, which was very impressive.


Our next stop was Bruges, where I watched the Belgium - South Korea World Cup match with a few thousand friends.


I almost fell down some 1,000 year old steps in Luxembourg. I'd highly recommend the late night walking tour of the city.


The rain hit hard once we reached Basel, but I managed to get some exploring in before the storm hit. We ate some fantastic pasta overlooking the Rhine.


Lucurne was a beautiful town straight out of a fairy tale.


I took a boat ride out on Lake Lucurne to get a closer view of the Alps.


In Geneva, our hotel was a block away from the United Nations European Headquarters. It was formally the home of the failed League of Nations and the meeting rooms had many stories to tell.


Geneva is also home to CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research). Here I am at the Atlas station, the main particle detector for the Large Hadron Collider.

Now I'm back home planning my next few trips for the year.