365 Update: Day 14

On my birthday, I decided to start a Film Something Every Day 365 project. Full disclosure: I've shamelessly ripped the idea off from this awesome video. Now I'm two weeks in. So far I have a rocket launch, a dog park visit, a driving time-lapse, and a great sunset from a 13th floor balcony. And some days, good content is hard to come by. When you work from home and it rains all day, you have to stretch the imagination a little. I spent some time tonight compressing the video files and reorganizing the library. The workflow has been:

  • Import. Video from the D90 and 4s come in through Lightroom. The Canon Vixia needs Final Cut for the Log and Transfer. GoPro videos come straight off of the camera and in to the folder.
  • Convert. Using the awesome MPEG Streamclip, I'm converting the videos in Apple ProRes. I'm also editing down the fluff, stripping the videos of sound, and de-interlacing the clips from the Vixia.
  • Renaming. This is where the OCD comes in. "IMG5001.mov" turns in to "05.11.2012", which goes in to the "2012.05" folder, which is then copied on to a 2nd external hard drive for back-up.

Come end of May, I'll fire up a project file and start working on the full blown editing and color correction. Keeping it manageable will ensure that I follow through on this, and that I won't be overwhelmed on May 12th, 2013.

It's been fun, and I'm looking forward to the next 351 days.