Mike Ortiz

My name is Mike Ortiz and I have a few hobbies. By day, I make my money on the internet working on a travel site. What I do in my free time usually winds up on the internet. Born in Chicago, living in Orlando, and traveling as much as possible.


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    Albany April 2017

    The day job recently sent me on a photo-trip down to Albany Bahamas, a 600-acre resort community on New Providence. My fourth trip in as…

    Debt Neglector

    A little while back some buds got together and formed Debt Neglector. A few gigs later and a full-length tracked out, they asked me to help them…


    I’m still working through what happened in our city over the weekend. Keeping busy has helped. Seeing the outpouring of support from around the world…

    Canvas Market

    Canvas Market recently opened in Lake Nona, a newer neighborhood on the southeast side of Orlando. They wanted a photography-heavy site that featured the curated items…