I’m still working through what happened in our city over the weekend. Keeping busy has helped. Seeing the outpouring of support from around the world has helped. Getting together with friends has really helped. Orlando has been my home for the last 24 years, and these past few days have been really trying.

I’m not ready to write down my thoughts on the tragedy. It’s tough because it just as easily could have been myself or any one of my friends at Pulse that night. Everything the media is saying about Orlando being an inclusive city is 100% true. No one I know avoids gay clubs – you go because they have a great Tuesday drink special or you heard the performance tonight just had to be seen or you want to dance. And now 49 people, LGBT and straight, young and way too young, lost their lives when all they wanted was a fun night.

Orlando will get through this. I’ve seen long blood donation lines and countless supplies being donated. Last night I took a walk around Lake Eola to clear my head and I brought my camera. We’ll get through this.