With The Sh-Booms

I hadn’t played trombone in almost 12 years. I played almost every day for seven years, throughout middle school and high school, but after graduation I thought I’d never play again. So I let my old slide trombone collect dust in a Chicago basement ever since. That was until January, when after mentioning how I used to play, my buddy Al invited me to pick it back up and join his band The Sh-Booms.

I was already familiar with The Sh-Booms for a few years now. They show up around 1:40 in my 28 video. I shot some video & photos for them back in June, and caught their end of year show at The Social. The conversation that snowballed in to me joining the band took place while I was taking photos of them in the recording studio.

I got my trombone shipped down in February and it all came flooding back. Somehow, I still knew how to play. I gathered what recordings the band had and got down to figuring out the horn parts.

My first “official” show with the band was supposed to be in Palm Beach Gardens, but tornado warnings in South Florida put the kibosh on that. Anxious to still play a show that night, we booked a last minute gig at a local watering hole, The Lucky Lure. The set went really well for an eight piece band crammed in the corner, but both the band and bar flies got in to it.

Last weekend was my real, first “official” show with the band. We were booked at this great blues club called The Bamboo Room in Lake Worth. Two sets with a total of 29 songs on an instrument I just picked back up a month ago. Somehow … I didn’t screw up (like sneezing in to my trombone mid song).

Here are some photos and videos from that night. I’ll upload some audio when I get a solid soundboard recording from one of our future shows.

Up next, we’re playing Playlist Live in Orlando this weekend, the opening of the Florida Film Festival on April 4th, and then heading up to High Dive Bar in Gainesville on the 5th. I’m taking over the band’s Twitter account, and feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.